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Tank Linings

In order to acheive corrosion protection and long service life, tank linings are used to protect the interior surfaces from damage.


API guidelines for refineries and chemical plants, along with commercial building codes, require fireproofing protection to structural steel as a safety precaution. The most common way to provide such protection is by spraying intumescent or cementitious compounds, now called spray-applied fire-resistive material (SFRM).

Industrial Coatings

Industrial coatings are essentially a type of paint that is applied on various substrates like concrete or steel. It’s applied in a way that is designed to be both aesthetic as well as protective. There are many different types of industrial coatings, including epoxies, urethane, and water-based.

We’ve Been Providing Solutions For Over 40 Years

Whether you are looking for a recommendation on a small project, or if you need a complete plant survey, CPS can help you.

CPS has provided successful System Recommendations and comprehensive Project Specifications to hundreds of facility owners, maintenance managers and engineers.

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Latest Projects

Fireproofing at a Natural Gas Plant in Memphis, TN

This project called for a 1-1/2 hour fire rating at a large natural gas facility. The owner specified a single-component material from Albi…AlbiClad 800. This unique product was very easy to apply using a standard airless spray pump, followed by a quick back-roll for a smooth appearance. Since AlbiClad 800 is UL1709 listed and certified, the owner has the peace of mind knowing that it will last for 20 plus years.

Shop applied Structural Steel in the Mid-South

Applying 100% solids, single-coat tank lining to structural steel in a shop is in itself very unique, but after the work was completed, including the numerous roof and shell plates, it was all shipped to the job site and erected with minimal damage. At that point, even Elvis could have applied the US Coatings GripLine 6520 to the block-outs!

High performance coatings on tanks at a refinery in the Mid-West

When these huge spheres overheat during the summer, the surface is quenched with Mississippi river water. Dirty, muddy river water. To keep them clean, the owner called for a very slick finish coat of MultiGrip 7000XP. This extremely durable coating has proven time and time again that the owner made the right decision.

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“I have been personally involved with CPS for the past 25 years. When it comes to recommendations or assistance on a project, they are the ones I call for help.”

Ronnie Walls

BrandSafway - Wood River, IL

“CPS has been a tremendous help in getting our new company off the ground. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

Jeremy Eck

National Coatings - Wynnewood, OK

CPS is the only industrial coatings company I will use on our projects.”

Matthew Garner

BH&M - Memphis, TN

“CPS is a trusted resource for REOD when determining material selection and performance criteria. CPS is fast and reliable in providing the information and materials needed to make projects successful!.”

Eugene E. Doerr

Chief Executive Officer of REOD, LLC & NACE Certified Coating Inspector

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Corrosion Protection Services